What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Clients are everything to us, and we work hard to bring peace of mind whilst they are away from their properties.
The 2 Pink Ladies maintain open communication lines with all of our Clients, throughout every step of the process.
We appreciate all of their business, and enjoy working with all.
Please read what they are saying about us and how you can be one of our valued Clients as well.


We have found Lynette to be honest, trustworthy and very reliable.
Lynette always seems to go out of her way to help her clients, the best example of this, is when there have been floods on the resort. Even when people have been advised not to go out, Lynette has gone to check our apartment and has always been prompt in telling us if there was a problem - so far, we have had no problems.
She has also gone out of her way when we have had problems with the boiler and even the bank. Nothing is too much trouble.
The other good thing about using Lynette, is that she lives on the resort. This means its easier for her to reach properties but that she is also aware of what is going on around the resort.
I would certainly recommend Lynette to anyone who is looking for a Keyholder.

Gwen P, Liverpool

We are happy to say that we are lucky enough to have Lynette Benford of The 2 Pink Ladies as our keyholder for our apartment on La Torre.
When buying a property abroad, we  naturally had some concerns regarding any problems which could occur. We were put in touch with Lynette, a reliable, trustworthy, fully registered and legal keyholder, who has made sure that we do not worry about a single thing, giving us complete peace of mind when we cannot be there.
She performs regular checks on the property and, as she lives on site, is able to make additional checks during adverse weather such as the recent heavy rain, giving us updates and extra reassurance when needed.
Her helpful manner means that she often goes above and beyond her role as keyholder, helping out with everything from getting our shopping in for us if we are arriving late to arranging lifts for us when we are unable to get a Taxi.
We thoroughly recommend her as a keyholder and guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Sarah & Andy H, Isle of Man

Lynette provides detailed regular checks on my property. Great communication between us. Lynette is always available to answer any questions on La Torre itself or the surrounding area. Lynette puts our minds at ease knowing that the apartment is being looked after in our absence. In addition Lynette is knowledgeable of different workman if you need things done in your apartment!
I only have positives to say about Lynette herself and the service she provides

Christina M, Leeds

Professional Service!
We bought our property a year ago on La Torre and one of our main worries as we live in the UK was what would happen to the property if we were not there to look after it. We met Lynette of 2 Pink Ladies whilst we were out there and as soon as we met her we were at ease.
We are in to our second year of being with Lynette and the relief of not having to worry if something breaks down, the cleaning of our apartment in between lets as well as dealing with onsite queries from the renters and the knowledge that if there is anything we are worried about I can speak to Lynette at any time and if Lynette cannot solve it then no one can.
There is no other way that we would have the peace of mind we have if we did not have Lynette and her team looking after us.
We are thankful for all that she does and look forward to many years ahead of being looked after by such a wonderful team and can highly recommend to anyone looking for a key holder service.

Clare C. Wiltshire

Buying any property can be a daunting experience, but buying one overseas is completely different.
Once we had completed our purchase, we were left to our own devices in an area that we didn’t know in a community where we didn’t know anyone. On asking for advice "What to do, who to call?”, one name kept popping up…..Lynette Benford.
I can now see why, Lynette’s attention to her clients details are totally professional – she has the ‘fear factor’ attitude that keeps people in check and gets thing done to a very high standard.
Lynette has proved time and time again, that no job cannot be completed, ‘No’ is not an option for this lady.!
Living thousands of miles away, we are totally content that we have the best keyholder ever. Our apartment is always cleaned to a high standard before our arrival and any extra DIY jobs completed.
You are not just Lynette’s Client – you’re her friend.

Clifford & Donna, Northern Ireland

When we bought our apartment on Las Terrazas de la Torre we didn’t think we needed a keyholder, but after a few visits of turning up to an apartment that smelt either damp or musty we decided to get one.
We asked on the various Facebook Groups and Lynette Benford from The 2 Pink Ladies, was recommended by approx. 75% of people.
We liked the fact that she was 100% legal and was recommended by both LS Lawyers and Bankia. Lynette also had clients near to our apartment.
It is lovely to turn up at our apartment and know the holiday can begin straight away, bed linen all washed and ironed, along with fresh towels – all laid out like a Hotel. Apartment aired and all the outside furniture cleaned all ready and waiting for us.
During the latest recent floods, either herself or a member of her small, trusted member of staff checked our apartment daily updating us and putting our minds at rest.
Lynette even helped with builders when we were looking to have our bathroom changed, only recommending people she has worked with over the years, meeting them and showing them what works we wanted and keeping an eye on the standards of work, as if it were her own.
We would highly recommend The 2 Pink Ladies to anyone considering getting a Keyholder.

Nigel A, West Sussex

Lynette has been our Keyholder for several years now and have found her to be completely honest and trustworthy.
She lives locally on La Torre and has good knowledge especially when it comes to contacts.
For example; when we arrived at our apartment recently, our boiler wouldn’t fire up. I called Lynette and within 5 minutes the boiler repair man was at our apartment and the boiler fixed.
Lynette gives us complete peace of mind when we aren’t at La Torre.
Highly recommended.

Martin H, Darlington

Seven years ago after a particularly unsatisfactory, but expensive, relationship with a keyholding company, I was on the point of suggesting to my husband that we sell the apartment as I couldn’t guarantee its maintenance or security.
During a chance conversation, it was suggested that I contact Lynette Benford of The 2 Pink Ladies for keyholding services.

On meeting Lynette, I immediately recognised an extremely efficient and organised person who obviously had experience of living and working in Spain, laid her work practices out clearly in a contract and – best of all – she lived on the Resort.

Over the years, she has proven her worth time and time again. There were regulations of property holdings in Spain that I had previously not been aware of such as; annual boiler checks, regular A/C maintenance and especially the dues owed to the local council.

Lynette also taught me about the workings of the Spanish banking system and put me in touch with the local bank manager. She spent the whole morning with me toing and froing between the council offices and the bank, ensuring the correct amounts were being paid to the right department.

Upon checking the apartment on a regular, weekly basis, Lynette discovered on two occasions, water leaking from the above apartment which had been detected early enough to help prevent further, more serious damage. Having lived in the area for many years, she has a long list of trustworthy people to call upon to manage any repairs.

Recently, when our bank was taken over and chaos reigned, Lynette was tireless in pursuing the problems her clients were experiencing accessing their accounts. Her polite, but firm, contact with the bank personnel paid dividends for her clients in the sorting of this particular issue.

There are so many ways in which Lynette helps her clients. She has a wealth of knowledge of the area and suppliers, the best places to buy furnishings etc., restaurants, beaches, markets etc – there seems to be no ‘Monday to Friday’ working for her. Lynette goes out of her way to sort any problem at any time.

It is true to say that my husband and I trust Lynette and her advice, implicitly and would highly recommend  her services to other property owners.

Helen P, London

A few months ago, I woke up to the news that the tenants who had just left my apartment had completely trashed it. I mean completely. Their dogs (which should never have been there) ate and ripped my furniture, tiles were missing, the apartment was filthy and damp (because they never opened the windows) and fittings were pulled from the wall or damaged. 

I was devastated. I lived in the UK and travelled extensively for work. I did not have the time or know-how to deal with getting this fixed from afar. I was desperately disappointed that my then property manager had done nothing to prevent this situation even when alarm bells had been raised by my neighbours about these tenants.

Then Lynette Benford entered my life. 

I have to admit that when I contacted her and asked her whether she’d manage this mess and then take over managing my rentals, I thought she would turn it down. Who would want to get this lot sorted?

Not only did she not turn it down. She relished the opportunity to get my apartment back in order as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Day one, she went in and made a list of what needed doing and roughly how much it would cost. 

Two weeks later, I had, what felt like, a brand new apartment and a new tenant. She and her team worked tirelessly to make it happen, and I felt the strain melt away. I didn’t have to do anything. She had it all under control.

These are some of the reasons I love working with Lynette:

  • She tells me exactly what she needs me to do and when she needs me to do it

  • She keeps me informed every step of the way

  • She managed to replace original bathroom fittings with exactly the same model

  • She found me the perfect new furniture I needed and made sure I got a good deal

  • I know she would NEVER let tenants get away with treating my apartment the way my previous ones did

  • I feel safe in her hands

  • I know nothing will fall through the cracks

  • I can now breathe easily

  • I will never have to go through this again

If you want to feel like this, then hand your keys over to Lynette immediately!

Suzi B, London

Tel: +34 679 934 119

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